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New York

New York

The second month is gone, and Thanksgiving with it. It was a very good occasion to jump on a bus and spend a couple of days in the capital. When you live in New York, Washington DC is like fresh air, especially for a European. The huge boulevards and the visual axes remind of Paris, that was probably part of the inspiration when they designed it. You can enjoy long strolls between the national monuments and recover inside one of the Smithsonian various museums. I also spent a rainy morning in Arlington cemetery, being impressed by the extension and the geometrical disposition of the white marbles in the lawn. It really is a holy place. Then I came back to work. I must say that the pace has increased, the confidence with the software and the office procedures grows along with the responsibilities. Sometimes it is stressful, and New York rhythm doesn’t help, but I am starting to consider the rewarding things during this process of getting used to the American working environment. One thing is sure, I have never enjoyed weekends as I am doing now. Yesterday night I was losing myself in Greenwich village and I had one of those rare moments of awareness of being in a special place. New York is a continuo, intense love/hate relationship. It gives you a lot if you are strong enough to conquer it. Life here is hard, expensive, sometimes uncomfortable but somehow an enormous amount of people feels like it is worth to try. Are they all crazy? For the moment I am part of them. Now the last week and then Christmas break. Enjoy

Alberto Pizzoli

Trainee at David BersNew York

Architect, born in Verona in 1988.

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