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Diana Macesanu


Hi everyone! During my time at Minervini Vandermark Architects in Hoboken (my current job), I’ve lucky enough to be a part and participate in various interesting projects. As technology in architecture advances and modern visualization tools emerge in architecture the clients become more aware and interested in how their project will look in real life represented on 3D.

In one of our current projects in Jersey City the client wanted us to represent his building in how it would actually look on site but not only that, he wanted to be able to see New York city from one of the balconies on his buildings!.  So after considering our options and deadlines, we considered the use of modern technology in architecture we found a »practical» way using drone footage and several apps and PC software to get us closer to achieving the results the client wanted. Along with a professional Drone footage company we managed to import all of the footage and 3D mapping from that drone into one of our most used software and the results were great. The picture included on this post is the first test of a site using the drone workflow.

After several test and model cleaning, I’m sure we will achieve a great result. I will be writing for sure as soon as we have the result for clients expectations!


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