D.U.M.B.O. – NY

D.U.M.B.O is an abbreviation for «Down Under Manhattan Bridge Overpass» because it is a passing region that sits below the Manhattan Bridge with spectacular view of Manhattan and many attractions. This is the area just across Lower Manhattan, between the Brooklyn Bridge and the Manhattan Bridge.
Until a few years ago, this region was known to be an area of ​​factories and only inhabited mostly by artists who sought a cheaper and alternative place to live. In the 1970s, factories started closing and apartments were built on empty sites. In some places, old railway lines can still be seen, testifying the neighborhood’s industrial past.
Today, the place is filled with art galleries, technology companies and luxury apartments. Its residents are young people who have left Manhattan to reside in a quieter, near-downtown neighborhood with the same benefits of public transportation, accessibility, things to do, etc., all within less than 10 minutes of Manhattan.
In the neighborhood, there are an abundance of exclusive boutiques, furniture stores and many entrepreneurial micro-businesses on the web.
I do not know anyone who visited D.U.M.B.O. who did not leave his mouth open with this mixture of old and contemporary that his streets provide. Besides that it is perfect to register photos of Manhattan from another angle. Like the one from the photo below the Manhattan Bridge between buildings that has already become one of the city’s postcards.

Victor Daldegan


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