MVRDV’s first Architectural project in the United States

MVRDV– An Architectural practice from Rotterdam Netherlands has undertaken their first project in the United States. A 22-story building considered to be a city which expands vertically and hosts hotels, retail, and office spaces in a vibrantly colored and elegant design in cosmopolitan New York City. MVRDV is known for their involvement in projects globally and their unique vision for a better and progressive future which is exemplified in this project.  Meant to reflect the existing area, and inspired by NY’s shop fronts, this design is a beacon of the city’s diverse cultural background. The studio, comprised of European founders and a multicultural staffing, engages in solving some of the present global issues we now face as a society through a methodical approach, and an awareness for the residents of the area and the answer to today and tomorrow’s needs.


Bridging different cultures and traditions through their designs, this studio is an example of what the upcoming of architecture can be. A medium that needs diversity and a multiplicity of experiences and educations, to address the needs for most of the population. Compelling the recipients of their projects to interact with one another as a suggestion to model the future. An example of this ideal can be seen in their “stackable hotel” in Shenzhen, China, with their “hopes to represent a window into the future of adapting housing to the user’s needs, promoting the coexistence of multiple lifestyles in an optimized dense reality. “If more architectural studios took a similar approach to boost international markets and brought global perspectives to their design teams, cities with a deficiency of a multicultural public could benefit from insights that they may not otherwise get.

MVRDV Bi-City Biennale of Urbanism – www.mvrdv.nl

The Dutch studio has also competed in several international design competitions along with other studios in projects such as the “Stack” in Melbourne’s South Bank. A similar idea to their NY project, a vertical composition to enhance the high-rise living. Along with these competitions, we must not forget another important aspect that we should mention when talking about the MVRDV, which is the Think-Tank. Ran by their studio and Delft University of Technology, the Think Tank is a research facility which focuses on visualizing and developing ideas for the cities of the future and what they will look like. Creating hypothetical situations and societies in order to make theories of what a utopian scenario looks like, engaging in public discussions and debates of what architecture and urbanism should be and how projects must be approached.



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