roommates in San Francisco

My roommates in San Francisco

I began my experience in San Francisco living in a residence so my roommates in San Francisco are students and workers.

San Francisco is insanely expensive, so for the first time, I thought it was gonna be a good idea to move into a residence. The price was fair for a room and, the fact of being an organization rather than an apartment with four random guys offered me some kind of reliability. It ended up being a weird place not very clean. I was paying fourteen hundred for a private room with bunk beds, Visiting were not allowed, Why did I need two beds for only me? The manager told me to take it easy. Hey, have fun this is San Francisco! It was ridiculous.

I spent there 1 month, until I found an apartment with roommates in San Francisco in Potrero Hill. I found it through craigslist. The house was a duplex with private garden and a huge living room. It was like a paradise for me. I met my roommates there. They are four. Two guys and two girls. All of them are around thirty like me. The are all Americans and are very nice. I feel totally inside the culture and My English have been improving so much. This is like being part of a family and all my homesick has gone away. I do a lot of plans with them and its so much fun. Also because of them I am knowing more american people, so my friendship circle is increasing. Definitely don’t be afraid of sharing the apartment with other guys. I encourage everybody to live with others. Life means share!

Alvaro Guillen


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