5 Key Skills For Architects To Master, According to Indeed

1. Communication

Communication skills refer to the ability to express your thoughts and ideas both verbally and non-verbally. They work closely with clients, engineers, contractors, lawyers and government officials. Clients share their vision with architects and express how they want the building to look like, what features to have and how much they’re willing to spend. Architects utilise their active listening skills to understand these requirements and pose questions to obtain more details.

After coming up with the basic design, they may communicate their ideas by giving a presentation to their clients. They speak confidently and convincingly to support their design decisions and by doing so, they may gain the trust of their clients. By effectively understanding their clients’ feedback regarding their initial design and making the necessary changes, architects may achieve greater productivity and higher customer satisfaction.

2. Teamwork

For larger projects, architects may work with other architects in a team. They require teamwork skills to work effectively with one another, as each of them may have various ideas and individual styles. Architects also work with the construction team to make sure that they adhere to the design and to review the availability and cost of materials. When a particular material isn’t available, the architect and the construction team may work together to find alternative materials that don’t affect the overall design and functionality of the building, yet that stays within the budget.

Architects also work with engineers, surveyors and building or planning officials to ensure that the building has structural integrity, adheres to the buildings codes and meets other legislative requirements. They’re responsive to the feedback that other professionals give them and make the necessary changes to their design. There may be situations where architects work with other professionals so the ability to collaborate and work towards a common goal is vital.

3. IT skills

Even though architects may perform the initial sketch with pen and paper, they eventually do the drawing up of plans on computers. According to the client’s budget and preferences, they may also use 3D printing to provide a model. These models are highly detailed, so they help clients, the construction team and building officials to get an idea of how the building may look like. Architects have in-depth knowledge of using 3D printers and the relevant software to create models with various specifications. Here are some architectural rendering software to familiarise yourself with:

  • Computer-Aided Design (CAD)

  • AutoCAD

  • Revit Architecture

  • SketchUp

  • Fusion 360

4. Project management

Project management refers to the application of processes, methods and skills to attain specific project objectives. As architects work on projects with a set time period and budget, the knowledge of project management is essential. They set targets, devise plans to meet those targets, evaluate risks and communicate all this information to their team. With their project management skills, they ensure that there are clear lines of communication between various parties and that each professional knows their duties and targets.

5. Business skills

Business acumen is a vital component to ensure that the business is healthy and profitable. You may decide to venture out on your own after working for an architectural firm. When setting up your own business, you may conduct market research, analyse data, design budgets, build partnerships and write business plans. You may also market your firm to establish your brand and gain customer loyalty. Business skills also include time management, leadership skills and effective delegation of work.

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