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Architecture Internship in San Francisco
Michael Henry

Architecture Internship in San Francisco with Architect-US

Hello! My name is Eduardo and I will soon start a new adventure doing an architecture internship in San Francisco!

I had completed my studies of Architecture and I decided it was the right time to get some real experience before studying a master.

It took me about a month and a lot of messages to get a job offer but I finally found exactly what I was looking for in San Francisco. I was looking for something different so I’m glad to be able to incorporate to my CV an internship in a digital fabrication studio designing art and small interventions.

One of the difficulties was that my host company had no idea about what a J1 Visa was (actually me neither) but Architect-US helped a lot explaining it to them and showing them the process was not so difficult if you have the correct guidance.

I’m extremely grateful for this opportunity of doing this architecture internship in San Francisco, for the extraordinary patience of Patricia Parra and their team at Architect-US and for all the new things I will find there!

Eduardo Terán Rueda

Intern at One Hat One HandSan Francisco

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