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NYC Apartment hunt

A short story about navigating the NYC housing jungle to find an apartment.

Hello everyone,

Its month two here in NYC and I am really starting to feel at home here, especially since I finally found myself just that – a home.

The past month has had high focus on finding an apartment, which I will let you know was not the easiest of tasks. The NYC housing market is quite the jungle. Prices are high and so is demand. Nice or cheap apartments have up to a hundred of applicants and not being American also complicates things a bit. But with that said, I kind of enjoyed looking at apartments.

Keeping up to date with the listings on StreetEasy or the Listings Project soon became a hobby. I was fascinated to see how people live in NYC, what kind of apartments there are and just how the housing market works over here. It also made me think a lot about housing; the things I value in a home, what I can compromise on, and what is a necessity. I also started to understand the NYC style, and I was exited to visit brownstones, art deco buildings and newly built high rises. One could say I performed a study of housing typologies in NYC.

Of course it was sad when I didn’t get the first, or second apartment I applied for, but in the end the search was fruitful in many ways but one. Not only did I find a place that I can call my home, but the search also informed my work more than I would have expected. I also got to explore more of the city and the neighborhoods through my search which was good fun.

And with that, and a picture of my sunset view I will leave you for this time. Good night to you all.

Beatrice Dinu


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