architecture career opportunity in New York
Joe Yates

Architecture career opportunity in New York

A sincere thanks to Architect US for assisting me to get the J1 visa for expanding the opportunity to have an architecture career opportunity in New York City, USA.

As an undergraduate student from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and a graduate student from Wismar, Mecklenburg Vorpommern, Germany, I practiced with metric system in architecture, hence it was a challenge for me when I came to practice in American office because in the USA they are using the imperial system. However, after the first month of training in the office and multiple huge project’s exposures, I successfully went through the struggle of the imperial system as I always have a quote practice along with me all the time; Practice makes perfect.

Infinite gratitude for the architecture career opportunity in New York, that allowed me to work very closely with highly talented design and management team to face the challenge as delivering high-quality architectural products for our clients. The exposure included cultural day activity that hosts my company which we as a group of office team have a group site visit to the 911 memorial park with a tour guide to explain us about the architecture development of the region which marvelously increased my knowledge towards American architecture revolution.

In a nutshell, there are infinite advantages of working and living this architecture career opportunity in New York ; the city that never sleeps, having a perfect work-life balance lifestyle, easily accessible city and chance to travel around the amazing cities near NYC is just perfect for being a teenager of age 24, the world is big for us to explore and never stop learning .

Yi Jun Ooi


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