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Wait! Do not forget this email after your interview! 4 things to include in a post-interview email

You might think that your job is done once the interview is over! Yet it is far from done, there are certain factors you must keep in mind once you have finished the initial contact with a hiring firm. Make sure you are pro-active and get ahead by knowing the four key things you must include in your post-interview email.

After every interview that you have with any firm, it is very important that you send a post-interview email. You also have to make sure that you send it within 24 hours of the interview, that way it is fresh in their minds and they know of your interest with them! This are just four short tips that we recommend to everyone that joins our Job+J1 Program:

1. Include everyone

Make sure that you include all of the interviewers in your email! It is very important as it it very likely that everyone will have a say in the decision making!

2. Include the position in the subject line

That way then the person that is in charge of making the decision receives the email, they know exactly what the email is about. Otherwise, the email may go unnoticed thinking that it is an old one.

3. Include keywords

Make sure that you include several keywords that were discussed in the interview, that way it is more personal and detailed to your conversation with them. All of these small details go a long way when they are considering you for a position, so be mindful!

4. Include links

Include a link to your resume or portfolio, that way the person can take a look at your files straight from that email!

Here is an example of a post-interview thank you.

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