young architect in America
Keith Chan

Young architect in America

I am a Licensed Filipino Architect for more than a year now. Being an architect and being a young architect in America, it requires us to have more knowledge on a lot of things for us to be aware of who, what, where and why we design. It also gives us more confidence to establish a binding relationship with the client through the exchange of information that can easily be translated from words to drawings. Architecture is in line with science, art, history and a lot more. So it is a great opportunity to experience and learn other cultures and methodologies that one can adapt for the betterment of both countries. It is an excellent investment especially to a newly licensed and young Architects because it will create an edge that can bring success to their careers.

I’ve been dreaming of learning the American culture for a long time already. While I was reading on how to apply for a J-1, I was very doubtful. Because all I know is it will take time and it will cost a lot of money and even just before those common issues occur, there was already a big problem. Finding a Sponsor! It’s really hard finding a J-1 Visa Sponsor but I was so blessed because I came through Architect-US! They are simply the best sponsor for all Architects and Engineers who dreams and still dreaming to work and travel in the USA. All those struggles with the fees and other requirements, I can still say that it was all worth it.

Architect-US has been very helpful with make true my dream about being a young architect in America and with my journey in obtaining a J-1 Visa. The process was so quick and easy. Although it took mine time because of personal reasons, Architect-US is fast when it comes to processing and they are all doing a great job! So I suggest that those who plan to get J-1 Visa, make sure that every documents and fee have been completed and that you comply with Architect -US.

I guess the scary part of the process of become a young architect in America was the Visa Interview. I studied everything before my interview. Especially the contact persons when I get there, where will I live, the numbers to call, what are my rights as a J-1 Trainee and all other information I thought was necessary. On the day of the interview, I was shaking but had remained calm right before the interview. I am almost done and I don’t want to screw it up! As I hand me the basic documents to the consul, the interview wasn’t what I was expecting. It was easy and just pure honesty! Sure there are so many questions but none of which you cannot answer. I was able to confidently answer everything. After a few minutes, the interview ended and the consul just said, “Your visa has been approved!”. It was all basic questions and answers are all in the documents that you have with you, just be confident in answering and always be honest.

Now I can’t wait to start my experience as a young architect in America and my internship in Watertown, New York! This is going to be a big leap because there will be a big change in my environment, culture, weather, people, language and a whole a lot more. It is definitely a nerve-wracking experience but I’ve never been this excited in my life! But I am up to the challenge! It still feels surreal but yes, this is so real already!

This is definitely one for the books! And I am pretty excited about all these changes that I will encounter throughout my internship! I extend my utmost gratitude to the Architect-US Team especially Ms Emilia Stefanova and my Program Adviser, Ms Isabel Arguelles!

Thank you so much Architect-US for helping me live my dreams!!

See you soon Watertown, New York!

Gessa Abriol

Filipino Architect.


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