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Weekend in Las Vegas
James Walsh

Weekend in Las Vegas with my boyfriend

Weekend in Las Vegas. Last weekend I followed my boyfriend on a business trip he was very lucky to be sent to by his company at the Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas.

This was my first trip to this city and I was truly amazed by the luxury,  diversity of themed hotels, the nonstop activities, excesses, the fact that the whole city was man made from scratch in the middle of the dessert…

Architecturally speaking it’s not exactly a place where you would find interesting modern constructions or inspiration for your next project. Everything is very random ( Eiffel Tower, next to a Roman-style palace for example) and placed wherever they pleased, but somehow it works out and gives the city this unique style.

Las Vegas Eiffel Tower
Mike Boening

Along the weekend in Las Vegas, which is the are were the most iconic and luxurious Hotels and Casinos are placed, walking around them, I could find one that stood out, the Bellagio Hotel and Casino. This place is a true art piece, with a very classic, European, romantic style. It is placed next to a dancing water fountain, surrounded by botanic gardens and glass and metal structures that reminded me of train stations such as the Grand Central Terminal in NYC or Atocha in Madrid.

Everything is extremely luxurious for sure while keeping the classy and clean style other Mega Hotels lack. My favorite areas were the art pieces found in the ceilings, lobby, pool, such as the colorful umbrellas, and how every little detail was taken care of.

Candela Otamendi

Trainee at YCH Arch.Philadelphia

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