The Day of Impact is a local event in New York meant to raise social awareness and encourage people to help those who need it the most. Every company interested in participing recruits employees to join a non-profit organization at least for that day on behalf of the company they are working for. There are several organizations involved and therefore there are plenty of ways to help as well.

So I decided to volunteer with some of my coworkers from HOK. Since we are architects our task was to help improving a public high school in the Brooklyn Borough. We did paint the cafeteria’s walls into a different color to make it brighter and cheerful again and besides, each of us painted a mural with encouraging messages on it to decorate the walls. The message within my mural was “Just Dream”. You never know who might read that or who might find that encouraging and motivating but I really hope my little contribution makes a difference for someone eventually.

As a personal experience it was pretty rewarding because you could see how much impact you could do with not than much effort. It’s more a question of being willing to help and save some of your time. Also it was great to see and get know better some other coworkers in such an enviroment. So far there was already something that we had in common so it was a great starting point to settle new friendships within my working enviroment.

Claudia Conde


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