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[REPLAY] How can you win the O1 (Artists) Visa?!?!

Nathalie Gomes and our CEO Patricia Garcia connect for an hour long interview to go over the differences and similarities between Brazil, the USA, and Australia. As well as the tips and tricks for improving your odds of getting the O1 Artists Visa. Learn more about Nathalie’s career so far and where she is going next!

Yesterday, October 14th, 2020, our CEO Patricia Garcia connected with Nathalie Gomes for an hour long interview as part of our new Interview Series. They went over her experiences working in Florida for Hoos Architecture, her academic experience in Australia at Kaplan University, and more recently, how she was able to win an O1 Visa. As a Brazilian she was able to explain some of the key differences that Brazilians must deal with when getting Visas. Although Nathalie joined Architect-US more recently, she has a very interesting story to tell.

Nathalie has always been a hard worker and has had a can-do spirit. When she started studying Architecture in University in Brazil, she was also working a full-time job for three out of her four years. After that she took these skills and experiences to apply for the opportunity to work in Belo Horizonte on the new Airport. Nathalie was given the responsibility of ensuring the construction companies were following the designs to the tee.

Once she had gotten a good taste of the Architecture scene in both Sao Paulo and Belo Horizonte, Nathalie decided to improve her English technical skills by completing her Masters at Kaplan University in Australia. Once she finished her Masters, she decided to shoot her shot at finding an opportunity in the USA. Eventually, she was able to obtain a position at Hoos Architecture in Florida, which she choose over New York City and California due to the connection she felt with Tom and the team, as well as the weather.

Her advice for young professionals just starting off in the industry is to always accept new opportunities, even if they exactly align with your career goals. Because at the end of the day, firms are looking for people that are interesting and able to connect with the client. One of the key differences that Nathalie mentioned between working in Brazil and the USA is the tight knit relationship that is formed between the client and the architect. She truly enjoys forming these everlasting bonds cause it makes the work even more rewarding.

Another aspect that was highlighted in terms of the experience of obtaining the J1 Visa and then the O1 Artists Visa after, is the importance of having recommendation letters ready to go ahead of time. By being pro active and requesting the recommendation letter while in the midst of an interesting project or experience, you will be able to better represent yourself.

Overall, the key takeaways were work hard and have fun while chasing your passions and career dreams!

Learn more about her recommendations for those wanting to work abroad, her perspective on the future of the Architecture industry, and her tips and tricks for getting new opportunities!!



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