When you are in the US, but your mom isn’t. #foodproblems

Living abroad is full of excitment and adventure. Including when you are starving, and you realized you spend your first salary eating outside everyday.

So you find yourself standing in the kitchen between the oven and the fridge and here is your big challenge: what to cook that won’t burn the building down. Well, we will give you some survival tips.

  • Always have pasta or rice at the pantry. It will save you for starving and will make you feel full; it is pretty cheap; it goes well with almost everything and it is very easy to cook: you just need to boil it until it gets soft. There is no way to screw this one up (or is there)?
  • Eggs are your new best friend. Boiled, scrambled, poached, in an omelette with vegetables…they have lot of healthy properties and you have a million options of how to cook them so you won’t get bored. We are sure you will find your way around the kitchen now!
  • Frozen foods: They are a great option because they don’t expire for a long time and they are fast and easy to prepare. And that variety! From pizzas, chicken nuggets, french fries, vegetables, prepared meals…We don’t want to encourage you to eat pizza everyday, but if you are doing it anyway, it is be more affordable to buy them at the supermarket than to get them by restaurant delivery. An alternative is also just buying the pizza dough base and piling your ingredients of choice on top.
  • When you do decide to cook something more elaborate, cook the quantity that will last you for several days. Cooking “in bulk” saves time, money and efforts and you can freeze it for a couple more days after that!

The rest, is part of the fun so we hope you discover some new tips and let us know 🙂






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