Reapply for a J1 Visa
Ian Schneider

Reapply for a J1 Visa: J1 Intern Reapplies as J1 Trainee

As your 12 months, J1 Intern Visa is coming to an end, you have some decisions to make! Many of our Architect-US interns have expressed that they would like to reapply for a J1 Visa and return to the U.S. for another intern or training program.

In this blog post, we’ll delve into how to re-apply as a J1 Trainee after your J1 Intern Visa expires. If you would like an overview of re-applying for a J1 in general (whether Intern to Trainee or Trainee to Intern or Intern to Intern…), check out this post.

From J1 Intern to J1 Trainee:

Minimum Requirement to reapply for a J1 Visa: Interns are eligible for additional training programs after a period of at least two years residency outside the US following completion of their interning program.

There seems to be no way around having to leave the U.S. once you complete a J1 visa in general. Now, participants often get this 2 year leave confused with the 2 years home country physical presence requirement. Make sure that you respect both rules, as they are different.

Furthermore, if during your time away from the U.S. you decide you would like to enroll in more advanced studies relating to your occupational field from a post-secondary education institution if you would like to return, you may be to return sooner. This is because you can qualify for another J1 Intern Visa after just one semester of further education (mentioned previously) outside the U.S. Again, make sure to check out all the J1 re-applying rules to familiarize yourself with the process.




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