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Interviews are something that everyone gets nervous about.  We always think about the answers we should give as the most important thing and although it is essential, the real key is in your confidence and the way you express yourself when giving these answers.

You must know that non-verbal communication forms 93% of how you are perceived (38% tone, volume, and intonation of speech and 55% gestures and facial expressions), so it seems that there lies the secret to getting the opportunity you want! We wish you to get your dream job in the USA, so stay with us to learn more about how to do it.

Here are some useful tips to succeed in impressing during your interview:

  1. Always prepare well – mentally and physically. The first impression the interviewer has of you is really important, so you must go clean, well-dressed (according to the type of company and position you are applying for) and with a positive attitude and confident posture even from the moment you enter the office building. And if you shake hands, make sure your handshake is firm.
  2. Look the interviewer in the eyes for a few seconds from time to time so you seem confident, interested and approachable. Smile and nod to show engagement in the conversation and remember your hands – use them to convey meaning (don’t cross them) but don’t gesticulate too much, as it can show you are nervous.
  3. Avoid being in a rigid posture, be relaxed but not so much that you don’t seem disinterested – avoid leaning back too far into your chair or crossing your arms for the whole conversation, as that could give the interviewer a wrong impression.
  4. Listen carefully and pay attention to the interviewer and don’t ever interrupt – you can make your point once he/she has finished talking. Be conscious of your voice tone and volume and keep it even.
  5. Leave at home everything that is not essential for the interview (avoid backpacks, suitcases, etc.) – you need to seem like you belong there – and stay calm enough to show your natural personality!

Now that you read all this, keep them in mind but don’t overthink – it should be something that comes naturally to you, so don’t worry if at first, you are a little bit lost or overwhelmed by all the information. And remember that practice makes perfect!

Try to internalize all the information above and you will surely feel much more confident to face with enthusiasm all the opportunities that come your way!

At Architect-US Career Training Program we want to lead you obtaining your American dream offer so don’t hesitate to contact us at training@architect-us.com with any doubts about the program. We look forward to hearing from you!



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