tips to perfect your american resume

Useful links and tips to perfect your American resume

Having a good resume is very important when applying to any company that’s why you need to find the right tips to perfect your American resume. It is, however, important to consider some of the customs when applying to a U.S. based company, as they generally expect a certain format and guideline to the Resumes they receive. We understand that as designers, you want to break away from the norm and distinguish yourself with your creativity, and that’s ok! We encourage that, but we also just want you to keep a few things in mind! Here are some tips and guides that we have so that you can enhance your portfolio and increase your chances of making your dream to work in an American company a reality!

First of the tips to perfect your American resume and foremost, you want to make sure that you stand out, not only visually with your layout, but by making it easy to read and follow. Sometimes we as designers get carried away with our layouts, and while they may be aesthetically pleasing, some of the key information that you want to convey may get lost. So, it is very important that the information is clearly and cohesively laid out so that the reader can get all of the information from first glance. Also, another key point that is very important is making sure that you avoid typos and grammar mistakes. It is ok if your native language isn’t English, but having a few or even just one typo may distract the reader from your content. So, make sure that you spellcheck your resume and if your English isn’t perfect, make sure you find someone else that can proofread it for you.

4 quick tips to perfect your American resume:

  1. Don’t include information such as marital status, date of birth and identification number.
  2. Keep your résumé tidy.
  3. Better not to include grades in your resume because depending on where you are from, they may not understand what those grades mean.
  4. Don’t add references to your resume. You can either send them separately or upon request.

Helpful links:

Here is a link of a clear and cohesive Architectural Resume that we think is a great example

Here is a link to ArchDaily that shows some of their favorite portfolios (you can use it for inspiration)

Here is also a link to an iTunes store application that helps you create a professional Resume in just a few minutes gives you other useful tools




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