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A celebration to the partner companies that make up our family and global community

A large part of the continued success we’ve been having at Architect-US can be attributed to the Host companies that make up our family of partner companies. We’re grateful that esteemed practices around the country have taken a belief in our ideals and advocate the same values that we instill. It is because of them that we have been able to place 300+ international candidates across the US and give them opportunities which may otherwise be too difficult for them to obtain on their own by dealing with the red tape involved with immigration bureaucracy.

The candidates interested in our Job+J1 Visa program must meet the requirements set forth by our selection committee and the Department of State. When evaluating their candidacy to join our program, we look for individuals which demonstrate a rigorous work ethic and determination to get to where they want to get. We want to present our partner companies with talents which validate the quality of work deemed of the highest standards to be an addition to their workplace.  That is why renowned companies such as Diller Scofidio + Renfro, Snøhetta, and SOM among others have taken a chance on the opportunities that we bring to the table.

Joel Petersen, Associate Director for HR at KPF, highlights that by minimizing costs, reducing the amount of paperwork, and streamlining logistics, Architect-US is able to give firms an edge when competing for highly-skilled international talent.

Over the years since our program’s inception, the confidence we’ve gained from promoting global dialogues and bringing up important topics such as diversity inclusion. Every grain of sand has attributed to the formation of our Global Architecture Community that is 7000+ members strong (from 32 different nationalities) and a 250+ partner U.S. based companies. With the endorsement of some of the world’s most prestigious organizations we’ve aimed to address some of the global challenges that we as architects face today, with the objective of bringing the architectural community closer. Our candidates which make up a wide-ranging demographic, have been bringing the knowledge they’ve acquired abroad and applying it to practices around the US.  Just us New York’s HOK design principal Kenneth Drucker states

«you can’t be a global practitioner without the transfusion of experiences between different cultures. This program is great because it simplifies the process»

It is no secret that most leading companies have built their legacy to stand above all others as a direct result of their collaborative work. That’s why companies nurture the ideal of focusing in diversity inclusion with an acumen in global attitude.

Thus far, the recognition from different companies around the states, and their kindness of sharing the benefits we bring to other practices around the country have put us as runners for the forefront of organizations which deal with professional career training programs. Take the experience of Cetra Ruddy as an example. By providing them with two talented architects from our pool of candidates we were able to astound them with talent which «surpassed their expectations». With the increase of a «globalized society, this exchange of ideas allows them to keep their minds open and inspire to serve as leaders in architecture». Similarly, founder of Jorge Mastropierto Architects has shared the benefits which foreign talent has brought to their practice and brings to other practices around the country. As he so eloquently puts it

«I am always willing to learn new ways; sometimes it turns out better than how I was once doing things. It reminds us, there are beautiful ideas beyond our comfort zone.»  

We always strive to make the whole process of selecting international candidates for companies as effortless and as seamless an integration possible. We know that selecting future hires from a lot can already be a burden on its own. That is why we want to make sure that we help companies as much as we can in the process. From narrowing down the candidates they may like based on their needs and interests, to taking care of all the immigration and bureaucracy along the process. That is why companies like GF55 continue to hire candidates from our pool, because of our continued efforts to provide candidates which «are well vetted and are well-educated, personable, and enthusiastic.»

We’ve also now worked with GMS for the past four years and they see the value we bring to their hires. As Barbara Torgerson -Human Resources Director- states

«they have aided all of the J-1 candidates of their sponsorship across our offices in New York and Los Angeles and it is only with their assistance that we have been able to have such talented j-1 individuals to work in their company.»

We could not be any happier with the trust and acknowledgement that we have received from all our partner companies, and that is why on behalf of the Architect-US family we want to thank you all for the support and continued trust that you have taken on us. It is thanks to you that we are continuing to grow and allowing more talented architects around the globe to gain experience from on-the-job training from dream companies like yours!

That is why, if you have any questions, do not hesitate to email us at training@architect-us.com ! If you are a host company interested in having international interns or trainees, please contact us!



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