Mathew Berman (Workshop/APD) talks about his experience with Architect-US and how is to be part of the Architect-US Career Training Program as a Host Comany

Matthew Berman (Workshop/APD) about Architect-US

Matthew Berman is the Design Principal of Workshop/APD and some of our participants are having a great time working wih him! Let’s see what he tell us!

Matthew Berman says, upon his experience as a Principal in Workshop/APD, one of Architect-US  Host Companies, that one of the most important benefits of having international exchange students in the company is that they are people eager to learn and dedicated to be with the company for a continous period of time. And he adds:

 The nice thing of this program is that we have someone who is here to be with us five days a week for an entire year and comitted what we have to teach.



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