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Cetra Ruddy

The experience of Cetra Ruddy’s supervisor of two J1 Visa Architect-US participants

As Principal of Cetra Ruddy, my experience thus far as a J1 Visa participant supervisor has been undoubtedly positive, having had the opportunity to mentor and team with motivated and talented young architects. So far, we have worked with two Architect-US participants: Luna Lopez and Rodrigo Castroviejo Corzana. 

Participating in the Architect-US Professional Career Training Program incorporating to our team two J1 Visa holders have been supportive of our mission to maintain a broad cultural range of experience at Cetra Ruddy firm. We take pride in the international nature of our firm and strongly value the diversity of ideas, experiences, and backgrounds. We believe that generating dialogue among people of a variety of cultures is a crucial element in brainstorming creative and innovative architectural solutions.  In our increasingly globalized society, this exchange of ideas allows us to keep our minds open and inspired to serve as leaders in architecture.

Programa para trabajar como Arquitecto en EE.UU

Our J1 Visa trainees at Cetra Ruddy from the Job+J1 Visa Program have surpassed our expectations. During the time here in Cetra Ruddy ‘s office Luna proved to be a passionate young arising architect. On one of her project’s her grasp of the architectural fabric on the Lower East Side of NYC was commendable; we feel her experience here in New York City has expanded her perspective of architecture.  Rodrigo has just started with us Mid-summer and he is an energetic young architectural designer; we have seen great design ideas by him and look forward to seeing his growth. We have had great experiences with both participants that we engaged with, and look forward to collaborating with our incoming participant this fall.

Cetra Ruddy


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