Photo by Alice Achterhof

Make your Bedroom Feel Like Home

If you just moved to New York, Boston, Miami, Chicago, Washington, San Francisco or any other cool city in the U.S., you probably need some creative ideas to make your bedroom feel like home and match your exciting personality.

If you are a Participant in our Programs, you are certainly living out one of the greatest experiences of your life, a dream come true – your American dream. Even though your schedule for sure is pretty busy as you are gaining professional experience in a great US company and live in a city with lots to do in, we believe it is important for your inner-self to decorate your new home in such a way that you can relate to it during your entire stay in the U.S. You can either hang pictures of your beloved ones on the walls or design a stylish wardrobe. If you are an architect (which you probably are), you won’t feel at home if you live in a generic room, so here are some ideas for you to consider!

Keep in mind that creativity doesn’t need limits!

1. Natural Photo Hanger

2. Paper heart wall art

3. Photo hanging wall

4. Geometric Photo Display

5. Hanging Branch

6. Branch Heart Wall Art

6. Creative Christmas tree



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