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Our New Team Member: HUGO THE BABY BOSS!

Mr. Hugo says Hello to his Architect-US family!

It is our pleasure and honor to introduce you to the newest member on board, the little Mr Hugo, and we want to congratulate the Founder and CEO, Patricia Garcia, for bringing this cutie into the Architect-US family.

Patricia has proven she is a superwoman, not only by breaking into this male-dominated world of entrepreneurs by building up Architect-US into the successful company it now is, but also by being here for all of us until the very last week before Hugo came along!

She has also found joy in helping everyone – from our beloved participants to us, her loving team, and she always does it with a huge smile and lots of energy, which will be missed for the time she is on her maternity leave! Hey, Hugo, you are lucky to have these impressive genes and now the full attention of our boss, so enjoy her and be a good baby!

We are so proud of being part of Architect-US and want to say thanks to Patricia for sharing her passion and enthusiasm with us daily and we wish her and her husband the best parental experience and we hope Hugo comes by the office soon so we can cuddle him! And in the same way Patricia inspires us, we want to encourage all of you to fight for your dreams and aim for greatness, because it’s obviously possible to have it all – the dream job AND the dream family!

“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.”



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