Go Team!

Last week was a very short one! One week waiting for that day, I was really exciting. Last Friday all the office went out to enjoy a free day all together.

 It was an initiative of the Principals of the Office to promote the team and the relations among all of us. I consider it was a perfect idea because a lot of us are new in the office and we don´t still know very well and I believe it is necessary to work as a team. I am not used to that kind of things in Spain and I think is something really positive; go team! And… besides, everyone is happy with a day off…


The day began with a cultural activity and then we went to have lunch all together. We left from the office early in the morning and went to Downtown to visit the Memorial 9/11. I should say that I hadn´t been there yet and really I wasn´t sure of wanting to go. I knew that it would be  a hard experience and for my surprise, the big part of the office hadn´t gone too.


We spent all the morning there and then we leaded to Trinity Place, to have lunch in a little and charming restaurant. The food was amazing, one of the best I tried here, tasty and different. It was a funny lunch; we were doing some plays and at the end the principals communicate news!!! The office will be close in Christmas, so we were all happy to go home those days! 


I was really grateful for that day because I could talk and meet more people who I hadn´t talked before to and I had a great time all together.


Belén Dominguez


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