It’s almost a month since I arrived New York City, but it seems more like a year! Eveything that happens here is two or three times more intense than in any other place in the world. I have done so many things so soon, I can´t even comprehend or contemplate enough to write about a specific issue. So in this post I’ll just write about three basic points of life that are universal: living, eating and working.



Looking for an apartment is not an easy thing in New York City, but at the end everybody finds a place and it’s kind of a funny adventure. I lived for two weeks in a hostel in Bowery Street (the rooms were so tiny that when I lied down on the bed I didn’t fit. That’s why they didn’t call them rooms but cabins). Seeking in the webpage Craiglist I visited some places, and now I share a flat with two other (amazing and funny) people in Brooklyn. Only 30 minutes from work by train and I can lie down on my bed like a king. One advice is to always visit the apartments you are interested in before leasing it because unfortunately there are a lot of scams on the internet.


When your stomach is rumbling, New York has food to offer Amazing, expensive food (even more with the mandatory tips in this country). I have a friend that says: if you want to save money in New York you have to choose either to drink or to eat. Nevertheless, shopping in supermarkets is a little bit less expensive and cooking your own food I think is the best way to save moneyUnited States is famous for its junk food but you can eat healthy if you wish too.

In a professional aspect, I’m still settling in to Cetra Ruddy, my architecture firm. They gave me the chance to visit a couple of work sites, one is a renovation in Greenwich Street, Manhattan and the other one is a housing cluster in Far Rockaway, Queens. This experience was the closest I’ve been to the real construction world in America, it was amazing. It´s now midnight on Novermber 8th and I can olnly hope this continues, no matter who the next President turns out to be…

Miguel de la Ossa


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