Go to the USA with a J1 Visa

Go to the USA with a J1 Visa, thanks to Architect-US

Hi! My name is Miguel de la Ossa and this is my first post in the Architect-US blog. I’ll try to share with you my first experience with Architect-US Career Training Program and tell you briefly why I chose this program to have what it’s sure to be a unique professional and personal experience as an architect in New York


If you’ve always wanted to work as an architect, designer, engineer or similar in the United States you’ll know that it’s not an easy thing. That’s just what happened to me after obtaining my degree in Madrid I decided to go to the USA with a J1 Visa.

However, I discovered Architect-US Career Training Program thanks to some friends that were enjoying it, so I didn’t think it twice and I called Architect-US immediately. I wanted them to make go to the USA with a J1 Visa.

I met Patricia García, director of the program, and I couldn’t be more thankful to her because she explains you everything really well and she helps you to reach your dream with vast quantities of patience and kindness. You tell her about your interests and preferences and she finds you the best office adapted to you. In my case, New York is a city that captivated me ten years ago and I’ve always wanted to come back there as an architect. Then, I’m really interested in its skyscrapers, its urbanism, its music, its mix of cultures and eventually its quality of capital of the world! So Patricia arranged an interview between me and Cetra Ruddy, a notorious architecture office in Manhattan. And they hired me! I’m finally living my dream!

Gathering all the documents you need, getting the visa at the US Embassy, the flight tickets, looking for a place to live, etc. are complicated processes but Architect-US helps you in every moment and everything runs perfectly. So I encourage everybody who is eager to work in New York that don’t think it twice and start working in their dreams with the help of Architect-US!

Miguel de la Ossa


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