Hello everybody!

I am Noelia Álvarez Gómez, and I want to share my Architect-US career Training Program process with you, people from the Architect-US blog, just in case can help anybody.



I had found a host company where to do my internship in New York, but I didn´t know with which sponsor to contact, and Architect-US provided me most of the information I needed in order to have the best career experience in NY. They have been guiding me through all the process: applications, filling doccuments, getting the VISA, and giving me the necessary steps to take in order to make it all easier for me.

Architect-US have also given me the confidence to make all the questions I had in mind, and shared with me their personal experience so I could count with more data. They have awarned and provided me with documents I will have to handle in NY and have given me recommendations for not having troubles with the procedures, guidelines I really appreciate.

The only suggestion I can make to the programme to be even better would be providing the  first accomodation in the city, because it is difficult to find the first place where to take land in the city from your original country. Everybody that has been living in NY have recommended me  to look for a room once you are in the city and you can visit the neighbourhood, the surroundings and taste the atmosphere around. It is the best way to see if you will like to live there for a while or not.  But I have taken it has another part of the adventure, and Architect-US have recommended me some websites for finding the arriving place, and then having time to look for the longer term one.

Now that I just have three weeks left before flying to NY, I am very excited and busy preparing the trip, but I am calm knowing I can count with Architect-US for any problem I could have during my stay in NY, which I hope there will be none!

Hope my experience can be useful for the ones who are still deciding to try in the USA, I will let you know more once I am there!

All the best,


Noelia Alvarez


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