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What do I do now?! Choosing your career and making architecture a lifestyle!

What role does architecture play in your daily routine outside office tasks? Do you consider yourself a practicing architect that lives and breathes design? Much like the advice that you get from your parents or peers, it is important that you also reflect on your stance for this profession.

As you already know, architecture is quite a demanding career and one that requires you to have a lot of sleepless nights. There is no point in you pursuing something in which you have absolutely no interest for. Nowadays, it is very common to see a lot of juniors and seniors in high school wondering what degree they will go for. There are only a lucky few that know what they want to do once they get to college from early on, but that doesn’t mean that finding your passion close to graduation is a bad thing.

What is important is that you take the time to research the profession and that you really put in the effort to visualize yourself doing that on a daily basis. Most designers in one way or another have been attracted to some sort of design from early years. That may be on the buildings or the cars that they see on the way home from school, the products in stores, or maybe even the fashion accessories that you find at the mall. Registering those thoughts and the communication that we have between those objects which appeal to us and how we perceive them is important.

In order to keep the profession evolving and to set ourselves different from other designers, we should always be questioning the design which surrounds us.

Essentially, architecture surrounds our everyday and it reflects the conditions in which we live in. So, as architects, we should always be intrigued by the buildings which surrounds us and the interaction that we have with the edifices. Asking ourselves how we can make it better. In university, we are taught about the process of experimentation and the execution of tangible designs.

On a typical day, you should always be on the lookout for design opportunities. Making notes of the things that you think work, and those that don’t. If they don’t, write down why that particular design or aspect isn’t working. Architecture should be an intimate profession, and one in which you will look for unique solutions to different problems. That is why staying current on projects and design news and trends will also help you stay relevant to what is out there today. So if you are going to invest hours and hours of this every week of your life, make sure that it is for something which you love.

Everything else will come in as a result of that and you will benefit from the rewards that following your passion has. Make sure that you make conscious decisions about your career choices and embrace design into your daily routine.

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