Hello everybody! I am writing this post to provide feedback about my positive experience with the Architect-US Internship Program which provides a well-structured training and promotes a professional and cultural exchange.

Since I first visited the United States, while I was an exchange student, I have wanted to work and learn more about the America’s architectural culture. Consequently, I decided to contact Architect-US after talking with the Responsible Architect for the Area of International Relations of the Official Architecture Association of Madrid (COAM), who explained to me how the Architect-US program works.

Although the process may seem complex, once you get involved everything goes easily. From the beginning, with their own registration form, you can propose different architectural offices and cities where you would like to work. Moreover, Patricia – Architect-US Program Director – proposes you further architectural firms where you could fit in, although you can always decide whether or not to continue with the application. In this regard, I appreciate Patricia’s experience as she boosts your career with her support and advice.

After being interviewed by Workshop/APD via Skype, they extended to me an offer of internship. While preparing all the required J-1 visa documents, Patricia was very kind and helped me with all my doubts. Once the paperwork from both sides was done, Architect-US sent them to the sponsor who sent me the necessary documents to make an appointment at the embassy. The interview at the embassy was smoothly and efficient and I received my passport with the visa approved at home within three days.

If you ask me, I highly recommend the Architect-US Professional Career Training Program without a doubt. Therefore, I encourage to all colleagues to contact Patricia and her team if you are willing to start your professional career in the United States. Thank you Architect-US!


Eva Sánchez


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