Projects are running fast!!!

I started to work 2 months ago in NYC as J-1 trainee as part of the Architect-US Career Training Program, and I just wanted to share how fast things are going in this city.

In just 2 months I have done many things, much more than I could have been done in past professional experiences in the same period of time. I started the design of a pavilion for the Venice Biennale one month ago…It is already built and ready for the opening in the next week. Like if it was just magic. Isn’t it amazing? In fact, it is amazing but not magic. It is true that when things are done fast the result isn’t the best but the good thing about this is that you learn a lot about problems solving determination.

I’ve learn about how to make important decisions and how to deal with setbacks. During this month I felt something weird, something new, a kind of adrenaline sensation because every single decision was risky and could lead to something not pleasant at all…and everybody will look at it and criticize …anyways, we did with our best. Then when I saw the result I felt a huge satisfaction, always with this little  “…I wish I had more time to do it ” (like always ūüėČ ) but the experience worth it.

Esteban Becerril


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