Yesterday was my fifth day of work, so I have survived my very first week working as an architect.

Anyway, I still find it hard to believe that I am actually working in New York. I remember when first I attended an Architect-US talk hosted in the ETSAM before Christmas. I have spent one year in Chicago as student and the experience was so good, that I had always thought about coming back to the states. But that was always a cazy idea. Everybody knows that it is hard to get a US visa. But at the end I decided to give it a try and see if it could work out for me, and here I am, writing this post from Brooklyn.

I remember doing the interview and then everything happened so fast! I thought once that the firm had chosen me it will take at least 2 months to bet to the States. But it did not. In one crazy month I had all my paperwork done and I was ready to continue my American adventure.

So I got here ten days ago and it has been a great experience so far. At the beginning I was nervous about the work. It was my first job ever. And I had to talk in English. But at the end everything worked out really well. I am an intern in small Architecture firm in Brooklyn and the principals could not be nicer. Everyone always try to help you and make you feel comfortable. The good thing about a small firm is that you get to do so many different things. And I think that for a first job it is a great thing, because you are able to learn a lot.

Sometimes it is more difficult. At some point you do not know the right word, but at the end you are always able to explain what you are trying to say. For me it is not that bad, because I spent one year before working with feet and inches, but this also gets easier. The only thing about the smaller firm that I do not like that much it is that you do not meet that many people. But at the end I believe that you have a closer relationship with the few people that you work with. However, I am lucky that there is another intern. He started just one day after me, so we hang out, we have lunch together and we always can help each other if we need it.

To sum up I could not be happier with my decision of coming back to the States. And even that I know that it will get harder when the due dates get closer, I believe this is a great opportunity. I am really excited to spend this year in New York. I am positively sure that I will learn a lot, I will meet new interesting people and I will improve my English! The firm has been great! Brooklyn is an amazing place to live! And you can always take the train during the weekend to go to Manhhatan! The only thing left to say it is that I am going to make the most of this year!

Susana Zárraga


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