One year mark

It has now been a year since my cultural exchange program has started; and it has been a very fruitful year. A year full of change and growth; not only moving to a new city but also expanding my knowledge about the field I am training in. Architecture is a very interesting field since you basically never stop learning. there is always a new revolutionary building technique, or material… therefore i feel like learning never stops.

After submitting the construction documents set of the previous project I was working on, i have now been assigned to two new very exciting projects.

The first one is actually in the city, and this was s positive thing for many reasons. First, I now have to chance to go visit the site we are working on and actually see the progress being made. Additionally, it is the first time I work in Imperial. Having studied between Lebanon – my home country- and Europe, all of my knowledge and experience is in the metric system. therefore, it was a big challenge for me to work on a project in the imperial system because this forced me to step out of my comfort zone. If I’m being completely honest it was hard to quickly do the conversion in my head to relate with what I am familiar with; but it does get easier with practice and the new «norms» you learn start making sense.

On the non-professional hand, the cold season is hold the perfect weather to go to as many museums and exhibitions as possible. and the most amazing part is that there are unique and very interesting exhibition at the moment throughout New York. It would be amazing to try to see them all before they are over.

Sarah Sioufi


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