WorK Architecture + Design’s Selected Projects

History of WorK Architecture + Design

WorK Architecture + Design is an all-inclusive full-service design company based in Louisville, Kentucky. They dedicate their efforts to unlocking each project’s innate potential. WorKac provides design solutions that go above and beyond client expectations by concentrating on the client, the site, and the budget. These solutions are uniquely ingrained in the spirit of each job and aim to create environments that inspire and improve.

WorKac was founded in 2012 by co-founders Mitchell Kersting and Tyler Watkins with the intention of exceeding client expectations by providing creative and dynamic design solutions. The partners at WorK Architecture + Design are still committed to their design philosophy of making works that inspire and function, and they have expanded their reach to include National Clients, Consultants, and Partners.

WorK Architecture + Design is a full-service architectural and interior design firm that offers a multitude of services like strategy and consulting, geospatial solutions, historic preservation, furniture design, sustainable design, drone services, and planning. Their expertise in Master Planning, Urban Planning, and Facility Assessment ranges from Residential Compounds to large scale Healthcare Campuses, City Planning, and Public Parks. According to them, these assessments and studies are crucial to the success of any project because they offer comprehensive documentation and studies that offer the structure, efficiency, and clarity required to maximize project success.

Mitchell Kersting, Co-Founder of WorKac

Mitchell Kersting, AIA, LEED AP, is a registered architect and designer with over 20 years of experience in the industry. He completed his studies at the University of Kentucky, and he is responsible for all aspects of the design process, from conceptualization to construction administration. He values local craftsmanship and attention to detail while balancing economy and constructability, and he strives to create beautiful and functional spaces that improve the quality of life for users and the environment. Mitchell enjoys working with diverse and talented teams, and he is constantly eager to learn new skills and take on new challenges.

Tyler Watkins, Co-Founder of WorKac

Tyler is a partner and designer at WorK Architecture + Design with almost 20 years of experience in the architecture and design industry. He finished his Bachelor’s Degree in Architecture at the University of Kentucky in 2008.

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Company Culture at Work Architecture + Design

At WorKac they work hard to ensure that their practice upholds the one-of-a-kind spirit of each project while striving to create an environment that functions and inspires the users. They make it enjoyable for their clients to participate in the creative process through their collaborative approach. WorKac strongly advocates for collaborative participation in every stage of the design process, from conceptualization to implementation. They firmly believe that the success of their work depends on the mindfulness of the local community.

At WorK Architecture + Design we approach each project with an energetic spirit + the drive to positively affect everything we touch.
We believe that no two projects are the same. By building a holistic strategy and approaching each challenge with fresh design-thinking, we reveal the unique + independent spirit of each project. We view the constraints and challenges of a situation as new opportunities to create impressive results.

By employing these techniques, they provide excellent aesthetically pleasing and functional design while deftly balancing the demands of their clients with local laws and regulations. They possess a targeted comprehension of contemporary technology, techniques, and resources that are utilized both domestically and internationally. WorKac takes great pride in providing a final product that has the least negative environmental impact possible while extending the life of high-quality aesthetics and functionality. At WorK A+D they love the chance to revitalize spaces that inspire people, as this is where function and artistry meet.

They have a strong appreciation for historic architecture of any scale or period. They strive to preserve, conserve, and renovate with sensitivity, respect, and grace, from NPS required original historic preservation to adaptive reuse and salvage.

Architect-US is proud to work in close contact with WorK Architecture + Design and to be able to ensure the firm gets to know and work with amazing young architects like Sarah Sioufi, whom we helped process her Visa through our J1 Visa Program!

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Sarah Sioufi

French Architect Sarah Sioufi finished her program as a Trainee at WorK Architecture + Design on the 23rd of July 2023 and is now working as a full time architect at WorKac in New York! She reached out to Architect-US for help with her J1 Visa documentation and sponsorship.

Sarah graduated from the American University of Beirut, Lebanon with a Bachelor Degree in Architecture and a Minor in Art History. She graduated with distinction and made it 6 time on the Dean’s Honors List. Sarah’s Thesis Project was awarded the Highly Commended Entrant at the Global Undergraduate Awards.

During her time in University she completed several semesters abroad programs including in London, United Kingdom with the Architectural Association and in Tokyo, Japan at Sophia University. She is fluent in a multitude of languages such as French, English, and Arabica, and is also studying Spanish.

Despite her young age, Sarah has a varied background in work experience ranging from being an intern at Jamil Saab & Co where she worked on Marea in collaboration with WorKac to being a Project Architect at Anastasia Elrouss Architects where she participated in the Construction, Architectural and Interior Design of DAM-MAD, a 2500 sqm fare-faced concrete cantilevered villa, the Design and Permit Phase of White House, and the Preliminary design of Z in White. 

WorK Architecture + Design‘s Selected Projects

Bradford Mills Lofts – Louisville, Kentucky

The Bradford Mills, a 1910 cotton mill, underwent historic restoration to create luxury apartments with the aim of maintaining its true industrial history while providing first-rate contemporary amenities. In addition to other common areas, Bradford Mills Lofts has 147 Class A apartments designed in the loft style.

Photos by WorKac

Martin on Main – Louisville, Kentucky

This 197,000 square foot project, which was inspired by a local developer, entails demolishing an existing structure and repurposing the land at 835 East Main Street in Louisville, Kentucky, for the construction of a new, six-story, mixed-use, multi-family building with 137 units.

The podium structure is made up of four stories of apartments on top of two stories of parking garage and commercial space.The building features a pocket garden, fitness center, clubhouse, office break-out areas, leasing office, swimming pool, and pool deck. There is also an on-site cycling hub.

WorK A+D used the zoning and design challenges presented by the property’s location on a commercial corridor and next to a historic single-family residential neighborhood as inspiration for their work.

Photos by WorKac

The Music Brewery – Louisville, Kentucky

Gravely Brewing Co., located in the Phoenix Hill neighborhood, is a music-themed brewery and venue. The location was a part of the renowned Phoenix Brewery and beer garden before Prohibition. On the south side of the site, two lagering caves remain. A new staircase leads to a gathering area atop a hill overlooking the Louisville skyline above the caves. Below, a food truck and additional outdoor space were built. Three distinct uses coexist inside the once-industrial structure: bar, music venue, and brewery. Consistent branding connects these elements: everything from logo-inspired wall mount tables to the speaker-wall back-bar reminds customers of both beer and music. The main bar is open to cross breezes thanks to in-line garage doors. WorK A+D delivered interior design, architecture, and custom furniture design services.

Photos by WorKac

We will be posting more projects by WorK Architecture + Design in the upcoming weeks and months, so keep an eye out for more of their incredible work! Every Friday we will be posting a new Featured Company, so join us again next week!

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