Miami Vice, Miami Spice!

Hi everyone!

how everything is going? here, so far so good! September is just past by and holidays marathon is about to start… actually It started on the last days of August!…Incredible, I will be never use to this.

So, for those ones that are now starting to dive into the American culture, I will explain better my last sentence.

Americans are recognized worldwide for being the masters of the parties, but what really means this? this means that they know how to party and have fun BUT also how to built up the party. For them, there is no second-rate party. Each one deserve to be jubilated.

Decorations are their obsession and there are real context  into each neighborhood going on , sometimes explicit other times unspoken. everyone now is getting ready for the marathon ( Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas) and despite we are only in October, all the decoration left for Halloween are gone, now is time to think about thanksgiving and start buying your next Christmas tree.

However, I am trying to enjoy last months before all the winter birds move to the south and the city get messy. A nice way to do that was to take advantage of the Miami spice, one of the thing you need to be aware of if you think to came here for your experience with architect-US.

Miami spice is a series of promotions that spas and restaurants offer during the low season period to stimulate tourism knocked down by the hurricane season.

Each year a list of spas and restaurant that will take part to the spice is published. In this way, you can easily check the promotions available. Spas gives you some discount on their usual package, restaurants instead had a fixed menu that cost way less of their other plates a la carte. This is also a good opportunity to find out new spots!

I did a good use of this promotion for sure. I share with you one of my views of Miami from a restaurant located at 42th level:  AMAZING!

Nothing better for those ones that live here to enjoy delicious plates, perhaps after had a regenerating massage, with the peace of a city tourist- free!

Eleonora Colacurcio


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