Rediscovering the City

Know that the numbers point to go down, I’m starting going out to the streets to rediscover what’s going on with the big city. I’m curious how the people will start going back to their works, or restaurants? if something going to change? Even more interesting, how my/ our work it is going to change as architects. In the projects that we are involved, we start thinking the spaces we design, considering the social distancing, or the amount of people who it’s going to be there. All the regulations involved because of the pandemic situation. But I found it interesting, the idea of reinventing our thoughts and our direction in this profession.

Specially in my work. We usually design public spaces, it could be galleries, museums, offices, and the experience redesigning these spaces it became really interesting. New challenges, and even more for me, that I continue learning the American work life in general, plus these new changes in the industry.

One of the most interesting thing about this, is how the clients are acting. They definitely doesn’t want to stop thinking that the new spaces and the architecture, will bring a refresh and a new way of inhabit the spaces or sometimes show their work, or where they will work, depending the type of the building, but most all of them, believes that architecture increase their quality life, and that always be a great opportunity for us, as architects.

I figure out that definitely the inertia that the city has it didn’t disappear. The energy that represents it is unique, and how the city works as One community for all to get ahead. I’m feeling very anxious, to knowing more and more of the city, and how can continue leaving with the new normality, because the pandemic definitely changes our way of living, but it’s also a pleasure being here, no matter what.

Diego Perez


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