From Latin America to the USA after 11 months

First Days

On this occasion, I would like to share a bit about my experience living in the USA as a Latin American. Happily and proudly, I can now say that I’ve been residing and working in Los Angeles for 11 months.

Firstly, I want to mention that it has been an incredible experience, and I appreciate Architect–US  for the great honor of being part of this wonderful program that turns dreams into reality. I believe there are few things in life that are as worthwhile, especially when you’re in your 20s. As someone who is continually developing to become better each day, a challenge and experience like this are extremely enriching; I can only liken it to being born again.

I feel that January was like being a child again for me, learning everything from scratch—where to buy bread, how to pay the phone bill, how to take the bus, buying a new backpack, and learning new words every day. Even if you study English extensively, you only truly learn it by living here. I almost felt like I was back in school.

Latin America and the USA

One of the significant dreams for a Latin American is to live and work in the USA, given the strong connection our culture has with American music, movies, and artists. Being here becomes a dream come true, feeling close to all those people we admire. In my case, I feel it even more strongly living in California, the land of the famous, and also having had the fortune to live in Beverly Hills, enjoying beautiful sunsets and a neighborhood reminiscent of those we used to see in movies.

There will likely be more than one thing that surprises you about living here, but the important part is always trying to give strong meaning to the fact that you traveled from so far. Every day, you’ll become more a part of North America, realizing that it’s not so different from Latin America, and much of what you learn can contribute significantly to your personal growth upon your return.

Practicing Architecture in the USA

Finally, I want to talk about my favorite part: my professional career in the USA. From day one, I’ve been amazed to be part of HMC Architects, one of the best architecture firms in California and the USA. I believe the challenges we set for ourselves define what we can learn. Personally, I’ve always been interested in discovery, and while university was a perfect place to discover the art of architecture, I wanted the next step after graduating to continue exploring more of this art, but now in the real world, with real projects. That’s something I wouldn’t trade for anything. In this firm, I’ve had the opportunity to work on very large and high-value projects for the city, both in scale and significance. I think, for me, it has been the perfect opportunity to put into practice everything I’ve learned about the discipline and continue on this path of learning.

This has been my experience so far; I still have more time here, so I hope to continue sharing more stories and encouraging you to take this step. Hugs, and I’ll leave you my Instagram if you want to see more posts about my experience in Los Angeles: adrianherrera.arq

Adrian Paocarima


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