A Day at Work in the Life of an Aspiring Architect

Being an aspiring architect is an exciting journey filled with creativity, collaboration, and attention to detail. Join me as I take you through a typical day in my life, where every moment is an opportunity to learn and grow in this dynamic field.

Morning Routine:

My day starts with getting ready for work, making sure I’m dressed and prepared for the day ahead. After a quick breakfast, I head out to catch the subway. This sometimes takes longer than expected but the subway is where I can relax, gather my thoughts and convince my brain to resist sleep-inertia before diving into the world of architecture. The morning routine is something I am constantly changing but this is the basic outline for how it usually goes.

Arriving at the Office:

A short 8-minute walk brings me to the office, where I’m greeted by the bustling energy of my colleagues. I start by checking my emails and reviewing any new project updates, ensuring that I’m up to date with the latest developments and I need to respond to any consultant regarding projects I’m working on.

Collaboration and Coordination:

As an aspiring architect, teamwork is crucial. I work closely with experienced design team leaders to coordinate with other professionals, such as engineers and contractors. With guidance, we ensure that our projects are executed seamlessly, meeting both aesthetic and functional requirements.

Setting Tasks and Collaboration:

Next, I set tasks for the day based on the progress from the previous day and receive new assignments from my design team leaders. Throughout the day, I collaborate with the design team, bouncing ideas off each other and working together to complete tasks on time.

Refining Designs and Creating Detailed Drawings:

One of the most exciting aspects of being an architect is refining designs and creating detailed drawings. I spend a significant portion of my day working on these tasks, asking questions about construction details, and subsequently refining every aspect to ensure that the drawings are both visually stunning and structurally sound.

Site Visits:

Occasionally, my day includes a site visit, which adds a different dimension to my work. Before heading out, I prepare by printing drawings, and ensuring that I have all the necessary tools. I review previous reports and submittals, focusing on the items that will be reviewed or observed on site. After the visit, I return to the office and start working on the field report, documenting my observations and recommendations.


As the day comes to an end, I try to reflect on the progress made and the challenges to overcome. When I have no remaining energy for this step, I simply relax and recharge for the next day.

Being an aspiring architect is a constant journey of growth and learning. Whether refining designs, collaborating with the team, or embarking on site visits.

Azole Njengele


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