My biggest fear!

I am working in LA now for five months and is funny how, looking back, some fears can be quite unreasonable!

As a European, I have used the metric system since I can remember.
Inches and feet were the unknown and the scary part that was holding me back as a professional. As much as I was trying to study and understand it before even moving to the US, it just made it worse!! This small issue had become a huge buggieman in my head. I think all metric system user can relate to how unlogical the imperial system can be for us.

The trick

First thing I did when I arrived to Los Angeles was to buy on of those malleable measuring tapes that have imperial system in one side and the metric system on the other. Those tapes are super easy to carry around and keep comparing both systems.
I was surprised of how quick I was able to get the hang of it!

As I started doing detailing drawings it stated to be even more easier to understand the real scale of things, all of a sudden I was able to leave behind the metric system and thing in inches. (I never thought this would be a thing for me, never that quick, never that easy)

Is true that I still am not aware of big distances or even square feet! But that will never stop us to do our job as architects or designers! Now I know how much that fear was so unnecessary!

Although, I am not even talking about Fahrenheit, or onces, or pounds… For all that I will just use an converter app! Is not that need them to live here!

In any case, is always important to know the right temperature to warm up your pizza!

Maria Lima


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