18 months in the city that never sleeps

Over the last year and a half in NYC, my experience has been many things but unforgettable for sure. Working at Von Dalwig has been great in so many ways – the team is like a tight-knit family. It’s diverse, with each member coming from different countries, which adds to the experience itself. Just in a city like New York, such a divergent group of people and backgrounds can converge together.

Living in Brooklyn, close to the Brooklyn Museum and Botanical Garden, has been a game-changer. I can easily escape to Prospect Park when I need a break from the city chaos. The cultural diversity here is a highlight – there are so many chances to meet people from different walks of life. Moving to this crazy city alone seemed scary at first, but there are tons of clubs and events that make it easy to connect with new people. Amidst the hustle and bustle, finding moments of peace has been surprisingly simple. Taking a train upstate to Cold Spring, Storm King, or Beacon is my secret sauce for a refreshing break, completely unplugging from the city vibe. Summers are a blast, especially with the nearby beaches providing a sweet escape.

One cool thing about my time here is the chance to explore other cities in America. Thanks to the big airport, it has been easy to check out places like Chicago, St. Louis, Nashville, and New Orleans and get to know more of America. It’s added a whole new layer to my New York adventure.

In the design world, New York is a goldmine. Showrooms are always throwing events to showcase new collections, making it easy to stay in the loop and connect with other pros. The city’s vibrant energy is everywhere, making it the perfect spot for design enthusiasts. Also, the cultural offer is vast and makes the whole experience very enriched.

Looking back on my time here, I’ve decided to stick around a bit longer. New York keeps inspiring me, and I’m not just going with the flow – I’m fully embracing it. This journey has changed me, and as I keep diving into the city’s diverse scenes, I realize the appeal of New York is endless, and my adventure is far from done. If you were considering it, I hope this will solve all your doubts and give you a push to take the risk and try it. Whatever happens, it would definitely not disappoint!

Alicia Palacios


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