A new horizon

In a few days, I’ll take a plane to start a new life chapter in Houston: this is the coronation of a journey of hard work and sacrifices, and the beginning of another incredible adventure.

I started to work as an architect while attending the university in a small firm in Turin; I developed professional expertise and grew up understanding that I wanted to prove myself in a different culture. After a vacation in the States, I strongly desired to work there, and I approached the Architect-US team thanks to an online advertisement. At that time, I didn’t possess the requirements to enroll in the program, so after graduation, I accepted an internship in Vietnam for one of the biggest European architecture firms.

During the following two years I contributed, as chief designer and team leader, to more than 20 interventions across the Southeast Asia region, which are currently under construction for the most.
I then returned to Italy to get the architect license, keep enhancing my profile, and I could finally join the pool of candidates.

After a few weeks, I had the chance to talk to RDLR Architects, and both parties were on the same page: I signed the offer letter, and the visa process started. Everything happened so fast!
Sonia and Patricia assisted me and my wife in obtaining all the required documents; they were extremely helpful and responsive throughout the process, providing us with guidance and support at every step. I really appreciate their efforts; I want to thank them for making our dream come true!
Although the waiting time for the papers was stressful, the Embassy appointment went smoothly, my wife and I got the visa last week, and in April I will join the RDLR team, as scheduled.

Here we are, ready to land on the third continent in four years and a half.
I am thrilled about this opportunity; I can’t wait to board!

Gabriele Perotto


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