My brother Nacho and his Girlfriend Elia arranged a trip to SF to visit me. After 5 month without seeing them, When I saw them was super weird and super familiar at the same time. Stay with my brother and his girlfriend at the places in san Francisco that I used to say was so estrange. It shows that even though the distance is enormous, there always a way to get anywhere. The world is globally connected and that idea it is just insane. For me, at least.

I showed them my neighborhood around, a few cool restaurants that I know and they loved and some cool spots for have a beer and hang out.  I showed the also the house where I live. The love the house so much that even though, they have booked an hotel room, the cancelled it in order to crush at my place a few night more.

The purpose of the trip was not only visit me, but There was something else. My brother was gonna propose her! isn’t it crazy. Of course it was a secret between my brother and me. So while I was working, they went to visit a bunch of cool natural spots, perfect viewpoints, and the most fancy restaurants, but he didn’t propose her yet. Finally on Monday three days after they arrived, my brother proposed her at my house, such a special thing for them and for me. And this way San Francisco will always be part of their history.

Alvaro Guillen

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