Winter weather: bizzarre…

While the rest of the US might conjure images of snow-laden streets and frost-covered landscapes, Houston’s winter offers a different narrative. The weather is a gentle interlude, a time when the oppressive heat of summer relents, and a cool breeze sweeps through the city streets. The average temperature hovers around 55° to 60° F.


One of the most striking features of winter weather is its variability: it’s a hot discussion topic everywhere you go! One day might dawn with crisp, clear skies, inviting residents to don their sweaters and scarves, while the next could see a return of milder temperatures and a blanket of humidity.
For a couple of nights, I even slept with the AC on: the temperature inside the house was insane.
Such fluctuations lend a sense of unpredictability to the season, keeping Houstonians on their toes as they navigate the ever-changing weather patterns.

Not the usual winter

Despite the absence of snow, winter in Houston has its charm. The city’s parks and green spaces take on a new vitality, with lush vegetation contrasting against the backdrop of the pale sky. For many people, winter in Houston means outdoor activities: hiking and biking, birdwatching, or paddle boating along the bayous, you name it.

Upcoming big events

This period brings a host of festivities and events to Houston’s busy calendar. From holiday markets and light festivals to outdoor concerts and art installations, there’s no shortage of entertainment. I tasted many seasonal delights, like steaming bowls of chili or flavourish hot chocolate topped with marshmallows.
Winter in Houston is a time of transition, a fleeting moment suspended between the extremes of summer and the promise of spring. It’s a season defined not by snowflakes and frost, but by the appreciation for the city and its surroundings. It’s also the waiting time for the Rodeo, the biggest show in town!

Photo: Vlad Busuioc / Unsplash

Gabriele Perotto


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