Reviving Facades in the Heart of New York

Imagine stepping in the bustling heart of a city, where the skyline sparkles with towering skyscrapers. Then, Imagine stepping into a world where the past meets the present. Historic facades regain their former glory, and where every brick, every ornament, every detail is meticulously brought back to life. And guess what?, You’re not just imagining; in just a few days, your dreams will become a reality.

Welcome to my exhilarating journey, one filled with transformation and renewal as we embark on the task of reviving New York City’s iconic facades. But before that, allow me to introduce myself.

Charting My Architectural Journey

With over 9 years of international experience and a diverse architectural background, I am a passionate Spanish Architect, graduated at Polytechnic University of Madrid | ETSAM.

My journey began when I obtained a fellowship as an Assistant Teacher of Theory and Techniques of Restoration at ETSAM. During this time, I honed my skills while working on the development of the construction documents for engineering and architectural companies such us Prointec or Jesus Donaire Architecture Office. Then, as my carrer progressed, I delved into competitons, research, earning recognition for my projects. Spanish architectural firms like like such as B11 Arquitectos and B+R Arquitectos became my platform for creativity.

A Global Perspective

Internationally, I had the incredible opportunity to collaborate on projects of varying scales, ranging from cultural to educational endeavors at the prestigious architectural company such as SOM in New York City. Then, over the last six years at Porcelanosa-USA Facades, I have had the privilege of contributing to more than 150 singular projects, with over 20 of them currently under construction or already completed across the United States.

My insatiable appetite for learning, adaptability, and a natural knack for problem-solving have led me to my next exciting endeavor. In the coming months, I will delve deeper into the techniques, stories, and artistic wonders that breathe new life into these architectural landmarks.

Preserving the Past, Creating the Future

I’m embarking on a new opportunity at SUPERSTRUCTURES Engineers + Architects, where we will breathe new life into the facades of the Big Apple. A passionate new challenge will allow me to contribute in the practical aspects of facades that bridges the gap between preserving the past and envisioning the future.

I am excited to align my career aspirations with my deep-rooted passion for architectural history and facades in the unparalleled backdrop of New York City.

Bartolome Gomez


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