Have you ever received a job offer from a top firm in the US in under a month?

Marta Calvinho was able to get a job offer from Andre Kikoski Architects in under a month and she made the move from London to New York City. She participated in Architect-US Job+J1 Visa Program, while she was working in London. Within 30 days she was able to get an interview and everything moved super smooth for her and the firm.
Every question she had, our team was able to answer in a timely manner and provided professional support and emotional support while Marta made the tough transition to the US. People have reached out to Marta to verify her experience with us, and she always recommends us to her friends and any people that want to make the move to the US.
Join the Architect-US Job+J1 Visa Family and see all the doors it can open in your career! We have your back covered and are ready to assist you in your career transitions to the US.

If you are interested, submit your information to the Architect-US Selection Committee and see if you can join the Job+J1 Visa Program TODAY! Below you can find the link to submit!

<<<Submit your Info to Join the Architect-US Job+J1 Visa Program HERE>>>

When considering your next career move, plan proactively and create Portfolios that include your best work. Consider looking into finding a mentor with Architect-USand improving your Portfolios with our Portfolio Plans and Career Advice Program. We provide coaching and personalized mentorship, so you can have a professional and experienced take on your next steps in your career, as well as a great team to confide in.


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