A weekend in Palm Springs

This month I got to travel to Palm Springs for a weekend – not for Coachella this time, but – to watch one of my friend’s in a water polo tournament. This sport is not very common and Brazil, so I had actually never watched it before. I was really excited to watch it for the first time and to meet all the competitors from all around the globe.
I was also very amazed to be able to go to the desert for the first time. It’s so majestic and stunning. My eyes never really got used to how bright, colorful and warm everything was. It’s definitely a place that looks unreal and worth going to as many times as possible.
As I was there only for a weekend, I didn’t get to go to Joshua Tree National Park – which is on my list of National Parks to visit. To be fair, I believe all the National Parks are worth going to, so my goal is to go to as many as I can! We’ll check by the end of the program how many of the 423 I crossed out of my list!
Palm Springs is also known for its typical branch of Modern Architecture, which became known as Desert Modernism. It evolved to accommodate the desert climate, views and landscape and floor plans to the living of the middle years of the 20th century. It is characterized by being very sleek, light and elegant, with a notable use of glass, deep overhangs, the beautiful variety of breeze blocks as well as natural and manmade materials. There are so many projects all around – walking around downtown you can find many iconic ones side by side. Also the desert vegetation provides such a beautiful color palette of flowers and leaves that it all looks like an oasis.
There are many hikes to explore and see nature, but if you feel lazy there is also an aerial tramway that goes up the mountain and provides a gorgeous view of the entire city and wind farms.



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