With only a month to go before I return to Spain, my family has finally been able to come and visit me.

To begin with, in my country there is a saying that goes «en abril, aguas mil» (in April, a thousand waters). And so it has been this month, full of rain. But unlike in my village, these rains were accompanied by a lot of heat and humidity. It has become stifling with temperatures that bordered on 40 degrees Celsius.

But in spite of all that, my family visited me. They were there for a week, and I still have the marks of sunburn on my body from walking around Old San Juan.

To continue, we did a lot of hiking. The first day we went all over Old San Juan, we visited the Morro fortress. It is really impressive this construction. I had not visited it yet in all this time. Later I took them to eat typical food of the country: rice with pigeon peas, stewed meat, and Medalla beer. To finish the first day we walked around the Morro overlooking Cataño. In addition, the following days also consisted of long walks.

To highlight, I had never visited the Yunque Rainforest. I found it incredible. We were walking for an hour and a half through the forest, alone in nature, until we reached the Mamelles River. By the time we wanted to go back, a downpour fell on us and several people who were in the area had to take us by car. Also noteworthy is the center of the Portal del Yunque that I was finally able to visit. This space was rehabilitated by the office where I am working.

Finally, I took them to the beaches, crystal clear waters and white sand, we ate alcapurrias, danced in the little square Caribbean rhythms and I could show them where I have spent all this time.

Gabriel Garcia-Cremades


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