I did not expect 2020 like this

January, the 2nd I took a flight to NYC. I was ready to start the American Dream and obviously I expected my 2020 exciting and challeging. But the new reality is beyond any expectation.
Ourbreak, spread, ventilators, curfew, death toll, WHO, lockdown, pandemic, social distancing, self-isolation, shutdown, fatten the curve, lay off, shelter in place. All the things I rather ignoring. All the publishers are adding a new chapter to all their English vocabulary books.
It was a remote-horror-science-fiction story until Mr. President banned flights to Europe. At that point I realized that was getting serious.
At first  working from home and getting used to the space was difficult. I had two options working at my bedroom or at the living room. That means using the same space for working that I used for sleeping or leisure. I remembered Virginia Woolf’s book: A room for one’s own and that was exactly what I needed. An office at home would be great for a long term telework. As the time goes by I realized that Teleworking is saving me time. I don’t have 2-hours commute everyday and I don’t have to prepare my meal for the next day or get dressed. Nevertheless is complicated to coordinate with other colleagues and understand each other. Screenshots, phone calls and screen sharing helped a lot.
For the foreesable future I hope everything goes back to normal. I looking fordward going to a restaurant or shopping. I really want to go back to the office and and feel that I am part of a team. And feeling the energy. However working at the office 8 hours a day, 5 days a week is not necessary. Everyone was skeptical about the situation but it worked. Our deliverables were presented on time and we proved we can do it.


Inés García


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