The New York art scene

One of the reasons why I wanted to live in NYC was to enjoy the culture and more precisely the art scene. There are plenty of museums and art galleries around town, so many I will probably never make it to all of them even while living in New York.

I wanted to tell you about my favorites, starting with the museums. In Manhattan we have Guggenheim that is at the absolute top of my list. The first time I visited that museum I just loved the space and how one travels through the museum in such a specific way. It also didn’t make it worse to see the beautiful Monet paintings in this setting.

Another favorite is the Noguchi museum in Astoria. Again not only is the building and setting beautiful, but the sculptures and delicate rice lamps are a treat to anyone who is even a little bit interested in art. At the moment one of my favorite pieces is being exhibited at the Met so if one doesn’t want to go all the way to Astoria for some Noguchi you can also get a small fix on the Upper East Side. Although if the weather is good I suggest you hop on a boat and head out to the museum, it is a very nice ride.

One of my favorite galleries in Soho is the Drawing center. They have smaller, rotating exhibits, with focus on drawings. They also provide courses for those interested in learning how to screen print. I will have to sign up for one of those soon.

The last big tip, although it is not in NYC, but New York State is Dia Beacon. Beacon is a small town about 1,5 hours from New York City by train. While you’re there I recommend a walk around the town as well as a visit to the museum as the main attraction. Dia Beacon is an old factory, which again for an architect makes for a nice setting already there. The art is modern and contemporary, showcasing big artist like Donald Judd, Louise Bourgeois and Richard Serra to mention a few. I love it because a lot of it is more spatial but also because even with the size of the museum it feels very well curated.

Until next time!

Beatrice Dinu


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