No snow New York

A snowless winter in NYC

It has been a pretty strange winter in New York. So far NYC has not had any snowfall to actually speak about. Yes, the outskirts of the city has seen some snow, but the sidewalks of the city have stayed unusually dry.

Coming to New York I packed my big winter coat, and I even brought more winter stuff as I went home for the Holidays, bracing for winter to hit. But now we are at the middle of February and I am starting to wonder if I will actually see any snow. The last couple of days the temperatures have stayed in the 10 to 17 degrees which certainly feels more like spring than winter. I am not really sure what to make of this weather.

Although I have been missing the snow the past month has had some focus on trying out some winter activities in and around the city. As a big fan of skating I found that the ice rink in Prospect Park is a great place to go skating. It is big, airy and doesn’t have the same amount of tourists as the spots around Manhattan. I also managed to get out to ski here on the east coast. We went to Hunter Mountain, a destination in Upstate New York which was cute and totally okay to spend a day skiing. Although, even there, most of the snow was artificial at least I did get to see some actual snow and the Kaaterskill falls which was actually quite beautiful.

Now the plan is to hopefully get some winter feeling by going up to Vermont for some more skiing at the end of the month, and if that doesn’t do it, then I hope Colorado will have some snow waiting for me in March. I keep my fingers crossed. After all I am all for getting to experience all the seasons.

In the meantime I guess I will enjoy the New York spring weather, soaking up the sun as much as possible. And maybe next time you will get a proper snow report from over here.

Beatrice Dinu


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