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My first Site Meeting

My first Site Meeting

Right before Christmas break I finally participated to my first site meeting with David Bers. I was surprised by the incredible organization for every particular: the items to discuss, the path to follow inside the building, the famous agenda. The cold was another problem to solve, and American attention to safety and self-care were also ready for that. I received information’s and suggestions and I was ready to go.

The train took two and a half hours to get to Hudson, upstate New York, and we didn’t lose time. As soon as the restaurant on board opened, we were team meeting and analyzing the mechanical drawings of the building while the winter landscape was rolling in the windows. One short last trip with the car and we were there. The entire team involved in the project, after a morning sugar session dominated by black coffee and donuts, started to talk about all the bullet points of the day.

One of us had to write down all the things that were happening during my first site meeting, to then collect the “meeting minutes”, another new entry in my work habits. After the still-meeting, the pilgrimage started. We carefully made an inspection of all floors pointing out items and taking measurements and photos. After this, I knew my destiny. I had to survey an entire building next to our project area, and I had fun. I closed myself inside there four hours with a laser disto and a notebook and time just flied. As it is doing now, back to work after 10 days spent with family and friends in Italy. The routine is established and the journey continues.

Alberto Pizzoli

Trainee at David BersNew York

Architect, born in Verona in 1988.

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